About Us - The Channel

Vaanavil is one of the channels under Astro's construction. Vaanavil means rainbow. It also refers to the different culture, tradition being practised by Indians especially. As such, Vaanavil brings variety of programmes. Astro Vaanavil, Malaysia's first and only Indian language Channel, brings you 24-hours of non-stop Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu entertainment programmes, for the whole family. The wide spectrum of programming consists of blockbuster movies, dramas and serials, culture and tradition, musicals,in-house productions and great epics. The channel has also been responsible in conducting exciting contests.

Our Unique Selling Points:

  • 24 hours channel,Approximately 12 hours of first run programs every day

  • 3 movies a day,at an average of 4 serial are transmitted every single day

  • In-House productions which have been produced exclusively by Vaanavil namely Vaanavil Talent Quest (VTQ), Valkai Kalvi, Unggal Viruppam, Tamil Kalvi.

Vaanavil's Programs

  • Verities of movies (Both New and Old)

  • Verities of Mega serials

  • In-House Production

  • Vaanavil Contest and

  • Lot more

ASTRO Vaanavil as a total

Vaanavil is an entertainment, infotainment and a variety channel, which provides various genre of programmes for the whole family. As a channel that continuously strives to bring the best in entertainment and edutainment to its viewers, ASTRO Vaanavil has achieved its objective in promoting family unity by providing great family entertainment over the years and the years to come.